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Lecture by Professor Bee Scherer for World Mental Health Day 2016 at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Director of INCISE, Professor Bee Scherer spoke at the Canterbury Christ Church University World Mental Health Day 2016 (10 October). Bee addresses Mental Health from a Social Justice perspective, challenges ‘disability discourse as disabling discourse’ and zooms in on Trans Mental health.



Programme 2016/2017

Download as PDF here


Date Time Event Location
16-Sep 2:30pm Professor Rob Hattam (University of South Australia) Research pedagogy in an urban region serving high poverty communities Lg25
01-Oct 6:15pm Julie Parker – The Platonic Myths – Community Arts & Education
10-Oct 10am-3pm World Mental Health Day
Speakers: Yasmin Ishaq (Open Dialogue Specialist), Bee Scherer, Adele Phillips 
School of Public Health, Midwifery and Social Work/INCISE.
More info and registration at here. (photos and video)
Broadstairs Campus, Main Hall
11-Oct 5pm Professor Tom Foster – Enslaved Men and Same-Gender Intimacy and Exploitation
Part of Black history month @CCCU 
14-Oct 5:30pm Professor Naomi Goldenberg (Ottawa) – Queer Theory meets Critical Religion – INCISE Launch celebration (PDF/video) Og46
15-Oct 6:15pm Chris Pike – The Detective, the Shulamite and the Garden of Dreams – Community Arts & Education
17-Oct 5pm Sheikha Halima Krausen (Hamburg) – Islam and Social Justice (PDF/video) – INCISE seminar series: Islam & Social Justice Lg16
21-Oct 1pm Research Theory Roundtable – Researcher Development Programme Af33
29-Oct 6:15pm Simon Wilson – John Wood and the Cosmological Vision of Albion – Community Arts & Education
31-Oct 5pm Bojan Koltaj – Žižek on IslamINCISE seminar series: Islam & Social Justice  Lg16
03-Nov 5pm James Frost – Introduction to Hermeneutics – RDP with INCISE : Theory of Knowledge Series
10-Nov 5:30pm Dr Felicity Callard – Interdisciplinarity as Research Methodology – RDP with INCISE : Theory of Knowledge Series Pg06
12-Nov 5pm Lucy Wyatt – Psychedelics, Cities and a Question of Origins – Community Arts & Education
14-Nov 5pm Dr Fahid Qurashi – Muslim Radicalisation in BritainINCISE seminar series: Islam & Social Justice Lg16
21-Nov 5:30pm INCISE TDoR – Transgender Day of Remembrance (video) Lg16
26-Nov 6:15pm Livia Sevier – Indian raga, restoring an ancient house – Community Arts & Education
28-Nov 5pm Dr Lynn Revell – IslamophobiaINCISE seminar series: Islam & Social Justice (video) Lg16
05-Dec 5pm Dr Wim Peumans (University of Witwatersrand)- Queer Muslims in Belgium: Religion, Migration and
SexualityINCISE seminar series: Islam & Social Justice (video)
08-Dec 5pm Bojan Koltaj – Post Marxism (Zizek) – RDP with INCISE : Theory of Knowledge Series
Postponed Dr Lynn Revell – Critical Race Theory – RDP with INCISE : Theory of Knowledge Series (New date to be announced) tba
20-Jan 3pm Julia Moore – Myth Discussion Group: Intuitive Reading (Workshop) Nt07
23-Jan 5pm Dr Simon Hayhoe (Bath University) – Islamic and Christian Perspectives on DisabilityINCISE seminar series: Islam & Social Justice (video) Lg16
25-Jan 5pm Dr Leo Raznovich – Queering the Caymans: QP7, Law and Progress – INCISE Public lecture (video) Og46
01-Feb 3pm James Frost – Research seminar: ‘Re-sacralising the Tarot’ (Discussion)
01-Feb 5pm Dr Cathy Cantwell – Reflections on Tibetan Tantric Rituals Connected with Healing (video) Og46
02-Feb 5:30pm Dr Jennifer Hardes – Biopolitics – RDP with INCISE : Theory of Knowledge Series (video) Lg48
06-Feb 5pm Dr Tanya Halldórsdóttir – Islam and Gender in YemenINCISE seminar series: Islam & Social Justice (video) Lg16
16-Feb 5:30pm Professor Linden West – Introduction to Psychoanalysis – RDP with INCISE : Theory of Knowledge Series tba
17-Feb 3pm Geoffrey Cornelius – Myth Discussion Group: Discovering the I Ching (Workshop) The Priory – Garden Room
20-Feb 5pm Rami Younes – Perspectives from SyriaINCISE seminar series: Islam & Social Justice (video) Lg16
02-Mar 5:30pm Professor Bee Scherer – Queer Theory – RDP with INCISE : Theory of Knowledge Series (video) Lg48
06-Mar 5pm Zulfi Ali – Perspectives from PakistanINCISE seminar series: Islam & Social Justice (video) Lg16
16-Mar 10am-4pm Beneath the Mask: Artists, Archives and A/Gender A day of events, exhibitions and spectacle prompted by Claude Cahun’s exploration of identities and masking. (Sidney Cooper Gallery, in cooperation with INCISE) (Photos and Videos) Sidney Cooper Gallery
17-May 5pm Aleardo Zanghellini Professor of Law and Social Theory at the University of Reading – The personal is political (or why family law needs political philosophy): Religion and transphobia in the courtroom  – INCISE IDAHOT lecture (video) Lg16
29-Jun to 02-Jul Critical Suicidology Conference – Call for Papers (photos and videos)
6-Jul 2-3pm Dr Alexandra Polyzou Post-feminism and sexual health Ideological presuppositions in Greek women’s lifestyle magazines

INCISE welcomes Dr S.N.Nyeck

Dr S.N. Nyeck has joined INCISE today as Visiting Senior Research Fellow.

SN has earned her PhD in Political Science 2013 from the University of California Los Angeles, UCLA.

Her dissertation is titled The Political Economy of Ways and Means: Procurement Contracts and Development in Africa (1620-1919).

SNs areas of interest include

➢ Political Economy of Freedom as Development; Government Outsourcing/Public Procurement; Public Sector Reform; non-State Actors; Public Policy; Governance; Identity; Economics

➢ Sexuality, Religion and Politics, Human Rights (LGBTQI),

SNs expertise lies in public private-partnerships for development with a focus on developing countries (Africa); leadership in multicultural and transnational settings, multicultural communication, public speaking, grantwriting, strategic planning and evaluation, high-level negotiation, policy communication, writing and editing; data analysis (quantitative and qualitative).

Dr Nyeck will add a much needed and very welcome queer African voice to INCISEs intersectional scholarship and projects.

Follow SN on twitter: @DrSNNyeck

Check out her two edited volumes

Public Procurement Reform and Governance in Africa (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2016)

Sexual Diversity in Africa: Politics, Theory and Citizenship (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2013)