Our Team


Professor Bee Scherer, PhD

Affiliated Professor of Gender Studies and Religious Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University, U.K.


INCISE has associates from wide variety of disciplines who, in various ways, contribute to and benefit from the research life of the centre:

PhD Researchers

  • Abigail Armstrong (History and Gender)
  • Dana Blackstone (Performing Arts/Buddhism)
  • Rabea Brok (Religion/Gender/Socio-economic Justice)
  • Nick Furze (Critical Film Studies)
  • Lidis Garbovan (Sociology/Identity/Asia)
  • Annie Hayford (Well-being/Queer Theory/Gender/Sexuality)
  • Nicole Holt (Religion/Well-being)
  • Keli Jenner (Biological anthropology/Sexuality/Sustainability)
  • Harriet Kersey (History and Gender)
  • Paula Kuzbit (Nursing/Queer Theory/Gender/Sexuality)
  • James Murphy (Psychology/Religion)
  • Dan Thorpe (Queer Theory/Disability/Religion)
  • Peter Walker (Theology/Critical Theory)

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Visiting Scholars

Guest Speakers

INCISE is regularly hosting a range of international guest speakers. Please check back for updates.

Past speakers:

  • Dr. James Ponniah, Assistant Professor, Department of Christian Studies, University of Madras: “Religious Violence in South Asia: Its Victims and their Responses”, 14 March 2016  (see the video)
  • Professor Tom Foster, DePaul University: ” Enslaved Men and Same-Gender Intimacy and Exploitation”, 10 October 2016
  • Professor Naomi Goldenberg, Ottawa University – “Queer Theory meets Critical Religion” – INCISE Launch celebration, 14 October 2016 (see the video)
  • Sheikha Halima Krausen, University of Hamburg: “INCISE seminar series: Islam & Social Justice”, 17 October 2016 (see the video)
  • Professor Felicity Callard, Durham University: “Interdisciplinarity as Research Methodology – RDP with INCISE : Theory of Knowledge Series”, 10 November 2016
  • Dr Wim Peumans, University of Witwatersrand: “Queer Muslims in Belgium: Religion, Migration and Sexuality”, 5 December 2016 (see the video)
  • Dr Simon Hayhoe, University of Bath: “Towards a Greater Dialogue on Disability between Muslims and Christians”, 23 January 2017 (see the video)
  • Professor Chris Mounsey, University of Winchester: “Fribs, Tribs and a Deaf Tyre Smith: A Brief History of Androgyny”, 16 March 2017 at the Sidney Cooper Gallery (see the video)
  • Professor Aleardo Zanghellini, Univeristy of Reading: “Religion and Transphobia in the Courtroom”, IDAHOT day 17 May 2017 (see the video)
  • Emma Slade (Ani Pema Deki): “INCISE Seminar Series: Buddhism & Social Justice – From Banking to Bhutan”, 9 October 2017 (see the video)
  • Peter Walker, Canterbury Christ Church University: “Intersex: Medical and Social Justice perspectives”, Intersex Awareness Day, 26 October 2017 (see the video)
  • Soeren Keil, Canterbury Christ Church University: “INCISE Seminar Series: Buddhism & Social Justice – Conflict and Religion in Myanmar: Buddhism and Beyond”, 11 December 2017 (see the video)
  • Will Visconti: “Sex work, surveillance and heresy: Venetian witch trials and gendered speech”, 13 December 2017 (see the video)
  • Jonathan Mair, University of Kent: “Renouncer’s heart, householder’s body: the ethics of a ‘short-term monastic retreat’ in Taiwan”, 26 February 2018
  • Melissa Wilcox, University of California Riverside: “Ethnographic Orthodoxies: Queer Feminist Research Ethics in a Neoliberal Age”, 19 March 2018
  • Jeremy Law,  Canterbury Christ Church University: “Who are We? Human Evolution, Science and Faith”, 21 March 2018 (see the video)
  • Andrew Peterson, Canterbury Christ Church University: “Epistemic Insight: The Role of Character”, 28 March 2018 (see the video)
  • Lama Jampa Thaye: “A Space for Buddhism”, 25 April 2018 (see the video)
  • His Eminence the 3rd Dupseng Rinpoche: “Tibetan Medicine: The Buddhist Science of Healing (Sowa Rigpa)”, 2 May 2018 (see the video)
  • Ulrike Auga, INCISE Visiting Professor: “Challenging the Government of the Living – The Cult of Confession and Bodily, Material Resistance”, 21 May 2018 (see the video)
  • Leonardo Raznovich: “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as Human Right: The Case of the Anglophone Caribbean”, 1 October 2018 (see the video)
  • Dr Chryssy Hunter: “A Reflection on Resisting Anti-Trans Violence in the UK in 2018”, TDoR 20 November 2018 (see the video)
  • Anne Alwis, University of Kent: “Religion and Gender in Byzantine Hagiographies”, 27 November 2018
  • Dan Thorpe: “Queering State Sanctioned Suicide Prevention/Promotion”, 4 December 2018 (see the video)
  • Jose Bento da Silva: “The Work of God: Mystery and Ambiguity in the Management of the Jesuit Corpus”, 23 January 2019
  • Dione Hills, Tavistock Institute London: “The Challenge of Spiritual and Religious Organisation”, 21 February 2019
  • Rajeeb Sah: “Sexuality and Secret Intimacy: Negotiating Sexual Relationships amongst Nepalese Young People in the UK”, 24 April 2019 (see the video)
  • His Eminence the 3rd Dupseng Rinpoche: “Mindfulness”, 22 May 2019 (see the video)
  • Leonardo Raznovich: “LGBT Rights and the Vatican: Advances and Challenges”, 29 May 2019

International Advisory Board

Professor Carol Anderson, PhD. Professor of Religion and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies, Kalamazoo College, Michigan, U.S.A.
Religion/South Asia/Feminism/Sexuality/Disability

Professor Nikita Dhawan, Dr. phil. habil. Professor of Political Science (Political Theory and Gender Studies) and Director of the Research Platform Gender Studies: “Identities – Discourses – Transformations”, University of Innsbruck, Austria – Gender/Queer/Politics/Critical Theory/Socio-economic Inclusion

Professor Naomi Goldenberg, PhD, Full Professor, Department of Classics and Religious Studies, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada  – Feminism/Theology/Psychoanalysis/Critical Theory

Professor Roger S. Gottlieb, PhD. Professor of Philosophy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA – Philosophy/Religion/Ecology/Sustainability/Disability

Professor Chris Mounsey, PhD. Professor of English, University of Winchester, U.K. – Queer/Disability/History/Literature

Professor Baden Offord, PhD. Haruhisa Handa Chair of Human Rights Education and Professor of Cultural Studies and Human Rights, Director of the Centre for Human Rights Education, Faculty of Humanities, Curtin University, Australia – Human Rights/Queer/Disability/Inclusive Education

Professor Kathleen O’Mara, PhD. Professor of African Studies, SUNY-Oneonta, NY, USA – Queer/Gender/History/Philosophy/Religion/Sustainability

Professor Padam Simkhada, PhD Professor of International Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University, U.K. – Public Health/Gender/Religion/Socio-economic Inclusion

Professor Pritam Singh, DPhil. Professor of Economics, Oxford Brookes University, U.K. – Sustainability/Economy/Religion

Professor Edwin Van Teijlingen, PhD. Professor of Reproductive Health, Bournmouth University, U.K.  -Medical Sociology/Sexuality/Religion/Socio-economic Inclusion

Professor Melissa Wilcox, PhD. Associate Professor of Religion and Gender Studies, Whitman College, Washington, USA – Queer/Contemporary Religion/Socio-economic Inclusion